From the Pastor

A Message From Pastor Kim Dancey

My house is a mess! We’ve been gone several days, but honestly, it was a mess before we even left. Dust is almost an inch thick over everything. Rick vacuumed a couple of weeks ago, but the floors need it again. And the clutter! Oh my! Right now, a good cleaning is exactly what we need.

Sometimes we need a good spiritual cleaning even more than we need a good housecleaning. Our Bibles—and our spirits—get dusty from lack of use. The crumbs underfoot are evidence of what we’ve been using without success to try to satisfy our hunger for God. We get lazy and let our sins pile up till they obscure the truth of God’s love and grace in our lives.

If you’re in need of the kind of refreshment and cleansing only worship and loving friendships can work in your soul, come join us next Sunday here at Northwest United Methodist. You’ll still have to pull out the duster and plug in the vacuum when you get back home, but you’ll do it with a new joy in your heart that only the love of Jesus Christ can bring!

You are welcome here!

Blessings in Jesus Christ,
Rev. Kim Dancey