From the Pastor

A Message From Pastor Miranda Denler

Happy New Year!

I hope that this holiday season has been fulfilling to you in some way. Perhaps you got some quiet time to spend rejoicing in the birth of Christ. Maybe you spent your New Year’s Eve with your loved ones looking forward to a fresh start. In some way, I hope and pray that God has spoken to you and taught you something new. I hope and pray you have found a new connection with God. However, I am also aware that not everyone had such a great holiday season. For those of you who lost a loved one this past year, a holiday without them is a painful experience. Others found themselves swamped with responsibilities and a long list of holiday activities. Some of us experienced the stress of family visits. The holidays are meant to be joyous but are sometimes just overwhelming. For those of us who experienced this kind of holiday, I hope and pray that the new year gives us a new outlook. I hope and pray that we can find the redeeming qualities of our holiday and choose to remember the good over the bad. Whatever your holiday experience was, please join me in beginning a new series which will focus on family relationships. Whether you have the perfect family or a divided one, we can all learn something about how to have better relationships together. Every week through the middle of March, we will be studying a different family relationship with help from Biblical texts. There will be both a sermon series as well as a Bible Study on Wednesday evenings to help us unpack our families together. In January we will cover Parenting Teens, Marriage – For a Lifetime, Encouraging Faith, and Parenting Toddlers. Sometimes the relationships we cover will apply to your life and sometimes they will not. In some cases, you may have wisdom to share with those of us who have yet to experience a relationship you have already lived through. I pray that you will come with open hearts and minds to hear the Word of God, knowing that God can and will always speak to you, no matter the topic.

As we enter yet another divisive election year, I truly believe that the key to healing our nation begins with healing our families. We are imperfect people, and so our relationships are also imperfect. Please join me in praying for God to speak to us throughout this New Year, to change our hearts, make us more mindful of our own faults, and more willing to see the needs of others who are so close to us. I am looking forward to learning with you!

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Miranda