From the Pastor

A Message From Pastor Kim Dancey

Last summer, our dog Desi spotted the neighbor’s dog in our yard and took off after it. Only problem? Desi, whose eyesight never was very good, was on the deck (the deck without an up-to-code railing). She took a flying leap between the rails and went straight down about seven feet. Mercifully, other than being a little startled, Desi was fine, shook herself off, and continued after her doggie buddy.

Responding to gut instincts sometimes leads us to “leap before we look.” I know that whenever I’ve made unconsidered choices, spoken off the cuff, or taken aggressive action without prayer or thought, I’ve gone off the deep end. That’s when I realize—yet again!—that my first priority in every moment needs to be the Lord God and the good of God’s people.

God through Jesus has graciously given us the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of truth,” who, Jesus told his earliest followers, “will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13) If you are troubled and need direction, if you want to know the truth about a situation or circumstance, if you’re about to leap before you look, look to the Spirit of truth for guidance and grace. God is always faithful and will respond and guide one way or another. And if you’re looking for ways to come to know God better, join us next Sunday at Northwest United Methodist Church. We are continually looking for ways to respond in faith and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in the Christian community. We’d love to partner with you!


Pastor Kim