From the Pastor

From Pastor’s Heart

Let’s Talk About Jesus!

Dear Church Family:

I continue to grow in my love for Jesus and you. Many of you are committed to talking about Jesus and not getting sidetracked on divisive issues. The Church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord not on our opinions and differences. Because we are focused on ministry and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is in the House, Church House that is. From our #BeUMC to a growing children and youth ministry, to missionaries going to other places to share the gospel, to dynamic worship each Sunday. We are seeing beyond our four walls to a community that needs Jesus. We are feeding the people of our area wit our food pantry and garden, and letting people know about Jesus.

What worries me are some people are cynical and divisive. Even though they were once a strong witness for Jesus, but they have become negative and have lost their zeal for telling others about Jesus. This can be a death blow to a vibrant and sharing Church. Please don’t let your spirit atrophy into a cold spirit. It can happen to any of us. There are good things happening at Northwest UMC! Catch the spirit and be a part of a new UMC.

Your Pastor and Friend,
Reverend Ted A. Hartley